Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga

Relax & Unwind on the shores of North Carolina, where the views are breath taking and the waters of full of life. While SUPing you will not only get a chance to play in the same waters at the dolphin, otter, and sea turtles, but you will also improve balance and gain core strength while connecting with mother nature. Toss in a few asanas (yoga poses), some breathing and you have Stand-UP Paddle Board Yoga.

Practicing yoga and a SUP brings a whole new perspective to being fully present in the moment. Asanas create a new challenge while floating, requiring full awareness, acceptance of mother natures mood and gaining a sense of humor.

Up-Dog or Cobra pose takes on a whole new sense of grace as the sun kisses your face and bathes your soul. If headstand is in your practice, you will feel a sense of freedom radiating from the seas to your toes.

Our favorite pose, Savasana brings a new sense of peace and bliss as you  surrender to the gentle movements of the water, taking in the sounds of the native birds and jumping fish.

We will begin each class with a short review of safety and paddling techniques, then begin our paddle to the instructors chosen class destination on the water. Here we will anchor our boards and begin or practice. Following savasana we will paddle back to land where a complimentary  cold towel and refreshments await.

What should you bring to class?

Bottle(s) of water


    Water shoes

    Sun Screen

    A sense of adventure

Class Schedule & Costs

$30 per class or $100 for 4 class pass

*This is a 2 hour class/ Pre-Regisration Required

Prices for Private Group classes outside of regularly scheduled  class dates vary depending on number of paddlers. Please call for pricing & scheduling

Benefits of SUP


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