A typical reflexology session runs about sixty minutes. Shoes and socks are removed, and the client is made comfortable, usually by sitting or reclining. The session begins with a foot bath.  Pressure is applied in thumb-and-finger "walking" patterns, resulting in gentle stretching and massaging of specific zones of the feet that correspond to body organs. Simple self-care instructions may be discussed at the completion of the session.

What is reiki?

​Reiki is a gentle method of hands-on-hands healing that addresses both chronic and acute conditions. It promotes balances among the systems of the body in a soothing, subtle way. Reiki, added to a reflexology session, can lead to a deep satisfying experience.

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith is a former special education teacher, who has always been interested in health and holistic practices. Reflexology is a perfect fit to facilitate her interest in helping others relax and simply "feel better". Reflexology is an intentional foot massage-stimulating numerous reflex points on the bottom of the feet as described in Eastern medicine. Because your body is reflected in your feet, massaging and stimulating these points can provide predictable, positive changes in your body after a single session. Tension and pain can subside, circulation and immune system functions are enhanced and detoxification can occur. Deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being are "take away" benefits experienced at the end of each session.

In addition to reflexology certification, Cheryl is a Reiki practitioner and can include Reiki as a part of the reflexology session, if desired. In addition to reflexology, Cheryl's passions have brought her in contact with many other qualified practitioners in the alternative health field making her source of information related to healthy lifestyle.

Price: $45 for 60 minutes

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