Energy Work

Spend some time with our resident Intuitive Oracle, Amie Watson.  She uses the tools of Tarot and Oracle Cards to help connect clients to the information, guidance and wisdom they seek.  A reading with Amie is time spent in sacred space during which questions are answered, messages from Spirit may be received and greater understanding and healing can be found.


Chakra and Meditative Work

Jena Skai offers a variety of treatments from cultures all over the world. You can experience healing on a deeper level, addressing root causes not just covering up symptoms. With holistic massage,  intuitive bodywork, shamanic energy healing, chakra balancing, and spiritual life coaching, we can work together to help create harmony in your life through natural healing practices. With Jena Skai and her passion for holistic care along with her natural intuitive healing gifts, every bodywork appointment is unique. Each session includes time for consultations and self-care recommendations and is intuitively guided, truly making it a healing art. Experience the difference and see the results yourself.

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