Chiropractic Wellness

Dr. Puja Wentworth 

board certified chiropractic physician

Dr. Puja Wentworth  is a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in bio-nutrition, amputation and traumatic brain injury. She facilitates true cellular healing with her practice members through specific diagnostics which assess and monitor the body's inborn capacity for healing. She creates specialized programs for cellular detoxification and healing, weight-loss resistance, and nutrition assimilation along with integrating neurologic optimization.


passionate about teaching

Dr. Puja is passionate about teaching and adjusting all walks of life from newborns to athletes, and active and veteran military to yoga instructors. Her mission is to help you "Re-Ignite Your Spark" so that you may Re-Call your true purpose for good upon this planet and make a difference in your community. Dr. Puja is available on select weekends each month.  Please call for availability.


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